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We are an accomplished international team specialising in commercial research, development and delivery of Blockchain technology projects. We are developing products and platforms in AML/KYC, marketplaces and payments

Blockchain Summit 2016 – Blockchain and IoT, Melbourne, 30 June 2016

WORKSHOP C: Applications for IoT and Smart SystemsMelbourne

Crypto-currencies like Bitcoin represent much more than digital economic innovations. The true value of the underlying technology has only just begun to be explored, and potential applications to the Internet of Things and Smart Systems are vast. As blockchains proliferate, there are several important implications for the Internet of Things and the development of Smart Systems. For one, blockchain technology could provide a way to track the unique history of individual devices, by recording a ledger of data exchanges between it and other devices, web services, and human users.

What the workshop will cover:

  • Outline the opportunities and challenges presented by machine-to-machine interactions and automated devices
  • Explore the applications of the blockchain for metered appliances, P2P and D2D transactions
  • Analyse the use of blockchain technologies for democratic and economic sustainability
  • Discuss the implications of blockchain for identity, economic inclusion, and global human rights

Nick Addison
CTO & Co-Founder
FinHaus Labs

Blockchain Summit 2016

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