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We are an accomplished international team specialising in commercial research, development and delivery of Blockchain technology projects. We are developing products and platforms in AML/KYC, marketplaces and payments


We specialise in commercial research, development and delivery of blockchain technology projects. In fact, Finhaus Labs are already developing its own products in payments, KYC/AML and marketplaces and is seeking partnerships with forward thinking institutions to maximise the commercial application of these projects and products.


Our focus is on making blockchain technology commercially relevant and delivering an ROI in shorter timeframes.

Integrating Blockchain into banking systems to deliver new applications and services, is going to be critical to unleashing the value. Finhaus Labs are developing ways to integrate that will allow banks to easily offer new services based on blockchain.

Our other company Cashwerkz has shortened the timeframe to go through the entire process to open a Term Deposit with any of the banks on the service. An individual can go through KYC/AML, search, compare and select and execute an order to a bank in around 4 minutes, but then the banks can take between 2-3 days to settle this transaction. Finhaus Labs will transform this experience even further by dramatically reducing the time it takes to settle an order from days to minutes.


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