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We are an accomplished international team specialising in commercial research, development and delivery of Blockchain technology projects. We are developing products and platforms in AML/KYC, marketplaces and payments

How we deliver


We know the importance of delivery – it relies on very talented people able to rethink processes end-to end,  constantly analysing, designing and testing to improve workflows.  Their aim is to deliver faster, more intuitive ways to complete complex tasks and automate as much of the process as possible.  It’s user centric but business driven.

It takes a fresh approach to solving high friction processes and requires critical design-thinking, a passion for process automation where the user experience are paramount.  Experience taught us that a strong technical capability, from R&D to delivery and operations, is core to delivering new cloud services that matter.

Safe to say we use Agile process – so speed, transparency, embracing changes prioritised by the business are all part of our delivery ethos.

Finhaus Labs is committed to delivery locally and globally. Our highly experienced team are responsible for innovation, product design, requirements, architecture, security and all customer facing roles to ensure we are get the UX right.

Our global team of Blockchain experts is located in Australia but ready and willing to take on assignments in New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, London, wherever the need is.

The team is used for both Finhaus Labs commercial projects as well as providing expertise to our external clients. The difference is Finhaus Labs experience in real-world projects that qualify our team as true Blockchain practitioners

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